Terms of Use

Before using our website or services, please read all the terms and services and be sure to use all services without any limitation, the following: d2mate.com, the yt1s program, and the d2m browser extension. This page and its writings will provide you with all the details about our website and services' terms and services. Knowing all these terms and services will help you use all our services without any hesitation.

If you use any of our services like our converter tool, our extension, or download any file from our website, it means you accept all our terms and services. If you do not want to be bound by these Terms, you must immediately stop using the Service and delete any copies you might have.

These words also include certain liability limits and legal disclaimers that restrict our responsibilities. In other words, you use the Service at your own risk, and we disclaim all responsibility and guarantees, express or implied, about the Service.

Eligibility and Accounts

  • Use of the Service is not allowed in any jurisdiction where such use is prohibited by statute. You confidently reflect and warrant that you are not located in a country that is subject to a foreign or applicable embargo or a country that has been identified as a terrorist-supporting country by international or applicable law. You are not included on any applicable list of banned or restricted parties.
  • To be using the Service, you must be an adult and have 18 years old. If you are now under 18 years, you cannot use the Service and stop using it immediately, regardless of parental permission.
  • From time to time, and at our discretion, you will be required to create an account with us to utilize certain aspects of the Service fully. In such cases, you should represent and warrant that all information you provide to us in setting up your account is correct and complete. You must update such information when it changes or when we request it. You agree that we may access personally identifiable information through a third party or other means with your permission, based on the permissions you provide. You may not use another person's or entity's Account without permission, nor may you use another person's or entity's Account on any other device. You are solely responsible for ensuring the security of your account and limiting access to it. All events that occur under your account are solely your responsibility. Any breach of security or unauthorized use of your account must be reported immediately to us. We must not be liable for any damages resulting from any unauthorized use of your account, and you at this moment indemnify and hold us harmless for any such unauthorized use, in addition to the further indemnification set forth herein. You agree and understand that anyone who gains access to your account, including any private content, will access all of your data on your account.
  • In exchange for your knowledge and accept all the terms and services, and we provide you with the Grant of Use to use the Service following Section 2. You come to know that you are accepting all the terms and services sufficient.

Use with grant

  • We always try to grant and limited license. And use the Service on your computer or mobile device, including all the content available in there, following these Terms and Service's technical and other limitations. The Service may only be used for only for personal and not for any kind of commercial purposes.
  • We are trying to reserve the right to revoke this grant anytime, for any reason, with or without notice. We may, but are not obligated to:
  • We can blocklist your email and IP addresses, or else we can permanently ban and ability to use the Service.
  • Remove any user submission following termination (defined below). After the Service has been terminated, you have no right to use it again. The permission of your rights to use the Service will terminate upon termination, but all other provisions of these Terms available here will remain in effect. You agree that we are never liable to any third party or if your permission to use is revoked.
  • Your use of the Service is governed by the Service's rules, features, and technical restrictions, which we are reserving the right to change at any time. You must not use the Service in any way that it was not intended or permitted to be used.

Rights to Intellectual Property

We own and license the content, including all text, graphical. We own some things that are only our, like the pictures, the video and all the logo associate with the website. Copyright, trademark, and other rights protect all Proprietary Materials under applicable laws, including international law and national laws. Our Proprietary Materials remain entirely our property.

User Submissions

A. you are the sole responsible for all the uploads that you do. Including any video files, sound files, or photographs you create, modify, transmit, or download through the Service are solely your responsibility (collectively, User Submissions). It is not always possible to reverse user submissions. You acknowledge that any personal information disclosed in User Submissions may allow you to be personally identified and that User Submissions' confidentiality is not guaranteed.

B. You are always solely responsible for all of your User Submissions, as well as the consequences of uploading, submitting, downloading, modifying, transmitting, creating, or otherwise making the User Submissions available. For all of your User Submissions, you affirm, represent, and warrant that:

  • You own or have the required licenses, permissions, rights, or consents to use all copyrights, trade secrets, trademarks or other proprietary rights in and to User Submissions for any purposes contemplated by the Service and these Terms; and
  • You have obtained written consent, release, and permission from every identifiable individual in the User Submission to use their name and likeness for any purposes contemplated by the Services and these Terms by obtaining written consent, release, and permission from every identifiable individual in the User Submission.

C. You additionally make a deal to avoid downloading, transfer, submit, make, communicate, change, or make accessible any material that:

  • On the off chance that it is protected, secured in terms of professional career mysterious or brand name laws, in any case, subject to outsider exclusive rights, including exposure and protection rights, except if you are the proprietor of such rights. It should have express consent from the legitimate proprietor to present the material and award us the entirety of the permit rights that should be allowed. If it has another lawful and commonsense reason for the material and awards us the entirety of the permit rights conceded in this.
  • If it is disgusting, foul, illicit, unlawful, abusive, deceitful, defamatory, hurtful, pestering, oppressive, compromising, attacking protection or exposure rights, disdainful, racially or ethnically hostile, provocative, it might hurt you.